SMART Debt Busters Course

How To Utilise Your Home To Consolidate Your Credit Cards And High Interest Loans Into One Simple Low-Interest Payment, Without Getting Into Any Further Debt. 

Improve Your Lifestyle And Gain Back Control Of Your Finances!


I've created this course because I've seen many of my clients having gone on from feeling overburdened by debt to restoring a quality lifestyle balance that is afforded by having the money to do the things that they want to do.

Many of my clients have gone on to grow their wealth through the acquisition of property.

Many have also used debt consolidation to access cash to renovate their homes

I want to offer my expertise to as many Kiwi's as possible, so they can get out of debt and achieve those same outcomes or whatever it is they desire.

And that’s why I created 'The SMART Debt Buster Course'.

By utilising my knowledge and experience, you too can learn how to improve your financial position and enjoy your lifestyle.


So Who Is This For ...


✅ You have lived in the same home for the last five years plus, and you've not reviewed your mortgage in that time


✅ You have quietly known that you are probably paying too much interest on your mortgage but are unsure as to how to reverse this trend


✅ Even though you are earning a good income and have a good job, you feel overwhelmed with the level of debt that you have


✅ Are frustrated that you don't seem to be progressing in your financial life


If you want to access a lump sum of cash from the equity that you have built up in your home for the purposes of remodelling or renovating your home, buying a car, going on a long overdue holiday, to pay your mortgage and debt off quicker or some other worthwhile lifestyle choice ... 



Then you are bound to get a considerable amount of value from this course!



In This Course You Will Learn:


Why the mortgage structure, credit card or personal loan circumstances that you find yourself in right now, is likely to be predominantly focused towards benefiting your current bank or lender and how you can change this to benefit you and your family


Why the bank doesn’t want you to know about how to make your money work for you and wants to keep you in the structure that you’re in right now, for as long as they can, and how you can reverse this and save thousands of dollars in cash by making some simple changes


The insider’s secrets on a restructuring principle that your bank or lender is highly unlikely to explain to you because it is not in their interest to do so and accelerate the repayment of your mortgage and debts to inject more cash in your pocket


The psychology of money management and why your current mindset and spending habits are costing you thousands of dollars and a strategy to combat these habits to keep focused on your plan


How you can create that pivotal point in your life that can take a hold of your financial future and set it on a steady course forever


What My Clients Are Saying


Here’s What You Get When You Register Today


✅ The complete SMART Debt Buster programme consisting of four online video training modules with lifetime access.


✅ Ongoing access to all templates and resources for each module to ensure your success.


✅ Your very own personalised access to the SMART Wealth Portal - Our very own money management system.


✅ Weekly online group coaching sessions to keep you on track and ensure you're successful.


✅ Access to an Exclusive Private Members Group - ‘Pathway to Success’ to share experiences, results and successes.


A No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee 


The full value of this course including the four Online Training Modules, all course Resources and Templates, Money Management System, Weekly Mentoring Calls with me and membership to our EXCLUSIVE Private Members Group 'Pathway To Success' is easily valued in excess of $5,000.


I am giving you all of this value with a NO RISK 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!



This Special Offer To Join Is ONLY $2997.00


All this value represents well over a 50% discount of the

REAL value of what the course should be.

You will easily recoup your money back and more from the training within the course

and that's why I am offering 100% Money Back Guarantee if you can't save more than

2x the cost of the course.

Farhan Mirza

Rohit is dependable and trustworthy.  Two qualities when you are thinking of trusting your life and livelihood to someone.

Mike Robinson

Rohit really has been awesome throughout the whole process. He genuinely went out of his way to make sure we understood what we getting ourselves in for and supported us at every step.


About Rohit Ranchhod

  • Registered Financial Adviser in New Zealand

  • Founder of SMART in 2007

  • Over 25 years experience in the banking and finance industry

  • Focused on helping clients to consolidate debt and repay their mortgage faster

  • Specialised in helping clients to remove the burden of high interest payments as quickly as possible

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